Wombat Combat

by Nocturnal Aviators in Action

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years in the making. thanks to you.


released October 1, 2013

mixed and mastered by j john miller. cover art by: rick schlaack. all songs by joe haines ben southwell and todd karinen except bill s. burroughs wrote the words used in one recording. sounds made permanent at cramptons gap and miller estates by miller and southwell over various spreads from 2009-2013.

2013 silver maple kill records | written, recorded, and produced in lansing, mi



all rights reserved


Nocturnal Aviators in Action Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

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Track Name: Stratosfear
roll the dice baby
don't think twice
come and fly
the grumpy skies

outsiders looking
into the land of the blind
know your shit is f*****
when the zombies control your mind

buy the ticket
take the ride
right this way
to your suicide

buckle up, buttercup
we all gotta go sometime
the world's always ending
we're all out of our minds
Track Name: Demonstealer
thieves in the night will shoot you down
the blood is rising above our heads, it's all around
get out of our country, red neck curse
you're pissing in our pool
we're drowning in your drool

we're coming for you, watch your back
hairs standing up upon your back you can't ignore

you won't see me coming
never know i was there
Track Name: Spastic Bombastic
took it off and threw it on the floor
came to me as if to a chore
showed me things
i'd never seen
without moving
as if in a dream
broke my mind
right from the start
wrapped around your
twisted heart

took it off and threw it in my face
broken glass and blood all through the place
showed me things
i'd never seen
without moving
as if in a dream
why can't i
be everything
you'd ever want
in one maniac

we'll tell the tale
we'll make the myth
I'll mean the moral from the bottom of my fifth
the aftermath
avoid the day, yeah
slip through the cracks
invent new ways
to cover up our tracks

to speak into your mind
i know you'll never change
Track Name: five thirty
five thirty and my thoughts of you are dirty